LogRhythm SOC NZ Launch with Inde


Does your company know how to use orchestration and automation to run an effective Security Operations Centre (SOC)?

Inde recently hosted a live and virtual event with LogRhythm, the SIEM & SOC experts, and Chillisoft, the cybersecurity specialists, to demonstrate how to use orchestration and automation to run an effective Security Operations Centre.

There has never been a more important time for NZ businesses to have an experienced SOC team that will provide threat hunting and forensic services.

Since Covid19, companies' use of remote working has, in some cases, gone from 10% to 100%. Using cloud workloads has meant that NZ businesses have been compromised by complex multi-vector cyber attacks. Orchestration and automation have become an essential part of a SOC’s strategy to effectively deal with the higher volumes of security incidents raised by an increasing array of cybersecurity products. 

In November 2020, the much-awaited Privacy Bill comes into law and mandatory breach notifications are required by all our companies. Inde, powered by LogRhythm, is a great local option for NZ businesses looking to manage these requirements. 

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You can watch the full video or any of the following segments

Segment 1

5 minutes 24 seconds

Value proposition for a New Zealand SOC
Scott Parker, Security Architect, Inde
Segment 2

21 minutes 51 seconds

Threat landscape in NZ and the Privacy Bill
Alex Teh, CEO, Chillisoft
Segment 3

26 minutes 8 seconds

The importance of Orchestration and Automation in a SOC
Simon Howe, VP Sales APAC, LogRhythm
Segment 4

14 minutes 17 seconds

Live demo of LogRhythm

Karthik Murthy, Enterprise Architect, LogRhythm

Segment 5

12 minutes 12 seconds

Customer Testimonials

Roger Temple, Information Security Manager, PGG Wrightson Ltd
Nic Moody, ICT Operations & Services Manager, New Zealand Health Group